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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
1:07 am
Cooking Inspiration Found In Restaurants

When you go out to eat, what type of cuisine do you usually end up ordering? We all have our number one favorite> However, there are a few of us that like to cook, but would instead enjoy our favorite foods at a restaurant. If you too, like to cook, it is almost a sure thing that, you also love to go out to eat on occasion, to taste your favorite cuisine. It may surprise you, that restaurants make an excellent place to find inspiration for your own cooking as well.

Favorite Restaurants

Do you have a regular place that you prefer to have dinner at? Your own restaurant experiences can be applied to find new ways to prepare food that you love. First thing to do is to make a list of the restaurants you go to. Then, try to remember what they have, that you always come back for. Maybe it is the method that they cook the food that is appealing. Or, is it because of the elegant atmosphere? Once you have pondered upon these issues, then you can start to use them to improve your personal cooking and the comfort level of your eating area.

Take A Close Look At The Menu

We each have a personal cooking style, that enhances our eating. If you take a good look at the restaurant menu, you can get an idea of the kind of ingredients and seasonings that the chef prefers. Then, you can jot down the special items that look interesting and very delicious. Afterwards, you can try out some of these new recipes, seasonings or whatever idea came from the notes that you wrote down.

For example, say you ordered an orange duck dish that was so yummy, that you got a second helping. While you were looking over the menu, you zoomed in on the orange duck, made a mental note that is was roasted over an open fire and marinated in a sweet and sour orange sauce. The method of cooking and the kind of sauce sounded delicious to you. After your orange duck arrived, you were delighted that it also smelled as good as it sounded on the menu. This is the time to write down some notes, like how the duck was roasted, how long did it marinate in the sauce and that maybe only fresh oranges and honey went into the sauce.

Go To Chef Classes

For a more direct approach, you can get the cooking techniques from your favorite restaurant by inquiring if the chef offers classes where you live. Then, you can practice their techniques during their classes and learn from a professional. Once you have mastered these new skills, you can apply them in your own kitchen and enjoy your favorite dishes anytime.

Try New Cuisines

So you can get to know new cuisines, it is a good idea go eat it at the restaurant first. This is a critical key to enable you to learn how the food normally tastes. By trying it at the restaurant first, you can compare against your own cooked version and be able to determine if it was cooked properly. This gives you a guide, verses trying to guess how to cook it, before having ever tasted it.

To learn more cooking ideas, you can easily find on the Internet, an ebook that discusses everything you ever wanted to know about cooking, but never dared to ask. Then, you can enhance your restaurant and cooking experiences even more.

About the Author: Tom Straub is an accomplished editor, and webmaster of the Best Cooking Light web site, where you can read more on home cooking and a dozen other cooking topics.

Luck link gourmet coffee beans - a brief overview
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
4:07 pm
Making Red Wine

Of the number of wine types available on the market, red wine is considered as one of the best. It comes in a number of types though, but all are produced following a single process. For instance, red wine is made from black grapes, with its color drawn from the skins of the grapes.

Throughout the creation of red wine making, the selected grapes will be place on the grinder. At this point, the skins of the grapes will be shatter efficiently on the grinder. Depending on what type of wine is done and the tannin that has required, the stems do or they are utilized or are rejected on this point. After that, the grapes are put in a vat of fermentation with the skins. This procedure will take longer, taking several weeks to complete. Additional color and tannin will be extracted of the grapes when it is used on a top temperature.

The entire grapes use is sealed fermented vats when making the softest wine. The carbon dioxide that trapped in the vats on the additional value becomes sealed ferments the grapes under the difficulty that is normally a quick procedure, carrying only few days. You consider, it is based how lengthy the fermenting procedure takes between the color and tannin content of the wine. But when the fermenting procedure takes a long moment, then the wine becomes usual more taste and color hold.

So as to remaining loaded with the grapes it will pass across a printing, having shattered to create a wine of tannic. Occasionally, tannic wine is added with more formation to the wine mixtures. It will take long one for the second fermentation, although it puts emphasis on the value and the taste of the wine.

When the tanning wine is being crushed, the enduring size of the grapes will go through a press. Tannic wine is added more formation and added with an open run wine on the way to combine. Then it will move to the barrels or tanks for a second fermentation from the press and vat wine. It will take long for the second fermentation even though the taste from the wine brings out the excellence.

A least of a year in the barrels will spend all types of fine red wine. Other red wine will spend a few more years in the barrels and spend a lot more time. Red wine is also fine tuned with egg whites, which the yeast and some solids found in the wine will suspend earlier than the wine is racked, filtered, and finally bottled. When it is bottled, the wine will be transport and advertise on the market. Several of wines stock up a period of time in the bottle before it is presented to the market.

About the Author: Dirk is the owner of The Wine Site , At this site you can find a wealth of information about wines, its types, as well as the art of wine tasting. You also find a lot of ideas about wine racks and other great wine gifts.

Fuck! best recipes: peppermint cheesecake
Thursday, June 19th, 2008
12:48 pm
Attention, tea lovers

I would like to draw your attention to my new online tea shop: Apollo Tea. I don't want to write a long praise here. See for yourselves.

Monday, December 17th, 2007
2:30 pm
STeaP : The Tea Vodcast
Hi all! Wanted to give a shoutout to a tea podcast that I co-host with a friend that has a little over a dozen episodes under the belt, and we're giving away tea prizes in our first episode of the New Year (The Tea Showdown of 2007/8). Here's a taste of what we're all about, and we'd love to have lots of tea drinkers enter our contest to win free tea, tea paraphernalia and t-shirts!

This particular episode has a special guest musician at the start who wrote a fun ditty about our podcast:

Want in on the contest? Email us with your entry for the best tea ever by December 21st to steap@steaptv.com!
Monday, May 21st, 2007
8:53 pm
Hello from a potential tea room owner
Hello everybody!
Great community!
I have read everything that was posted and already I have more information then I can handle :)
I am Russian [live in America] and I drink a lot of tea, but I mainly stick to the tea I get in the Russian store, because that's what I drank my whole life. It is a Ceylon black tea.

Now I am considering opening a tea room with a Russian flare, but mainly just a hang-out spot.

Do you know of a community (LJ or otherwise) of tea- related buisiness owners? 
Is there anything I absolutely must know about this venture? What makes the most money - prepared tea sales or loose tea/cups/pots?
Any answer will be much appreciated

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
3:07 pm
Los Angeles Tea Tasting Class 4/28/07
i saw this and thought of you...
anyone else know of and/or been to cool Tea Tastings in the LA area?


Get the REAL buzz on tea at a Zen Zoo Tea Tasting!

Discover the REAL buzz on tea as Zen Zoo Tea Master, Janice, guides you through a custom-designed discussion about tea, where it comes from, how it is made, the origins of tea, current trends, the best way to brew tea at home, tea & health, and more. A tea plant will also be on-hand to show you exactly where tea comes from! You’ll also get to sample many different varieties of tea & nibble on snacks specifically made to be paired with tea.

To further the experience, Janice will demonstrate a Tea Cupping (similar to Wine Tasting) of high-quality, rare teas. The next Zen Zoo Tea Class is Saturday, April 28th from 3:00 – 4:00pm at Zen Zoo-Hollywood and only accommodates up to 8 tea enthusiasts, so reserve your space now at info (at) zenzootea (dot) com.  The cost of this intimate Tea Class is only $27.00 per person, which includes many high-quality teas, snacks, tea knowledge, and fun!



Zen Zoo Tea in Hollywood is located on Vine Street at Sunset Blvd, next to Borders.  Free 1 hour parking in Sunset+Vine lot.  Metro Red Line stop (Hollywood & Vine) is only 2 blocks away.

Thursday, December 7th, 2006
3:35 am
B's Teas website

new tea store, B's Teas is open for business. check it out!
Saturday, May 27th, 2006
12:13 pm
found this at whole foods..
Has anyone had tea by Ineeka? Opinions?
Sunday, March 12th, 2006
12:02 pm
train/harmonica whistle tea kettle
We have a teakettle of the very plain silver variety, the type with the little red button you depress to open the spout. The spout being the only way to get water in, you know the type.

Well, our spring has run the course of it's life and no longer holds the lid down securely. Thus the whistle no longer works properly.

The problem with this for us is that the whistle is a harmonica sound. And as I have found in my searches for a replacement, that is rare. I looked at other kettles of similar design and I cannot attach our whistle to them. I've searched for other harmonica whistle (or train whistle) teapots and they're all rather expensive and I don't like the designs.

Any direction or information you lovely tea-folk can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, February 20th, 2006
6:32 pm
Hello, I'm new.

I was wondering if any of you knew of some good herbal teas. Finding good chamomile has been trickier than expected and chrysanthemum blossoms are almost impossible to find, even on www.silkroadtea.com. Any suggestions?
Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
9:39 am
Creamer Set
For Sale $40 Or Best offer: (+ shipping and handling)
Newport Mansions Sugar & Creamer Set
Beautiful Yellow, Gold & Colorful Phoenix
of the "Kingscote" Collection
from The Preservation Society Of Newport County (Newport Mansions)
and the National Historic Trust (established 1936)

Never Used - Brand New Condition!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Many collectors and connoisseurs appreciate home furnishing designs inspired by classic creations from internationally-known museums and historic sites. Andrea by Sadek prides itself on working with some of our country's finest institutions to create gift and tabletop collections based on actual pieces found at--and licensed from--such prestigious sites as Biltmore House, The Preservation Society of Historic Newport, the Smithsonian Institution, Winterthur Museum and many more. Not coincidentally, many of these selections are among Andrea by Sadek's best sellers. To view our licensed collections from a specific museum or historic site, simply click on one of the links below.

About the National Historic Trust:
For more than 50 years, the National Trust has been helping people protect the irreplaceable. A private nonprofit organization with more than a quarter million members, the National Trust is the leader of the vigorous preservation movement that is saving the best of our past for the future.

Care and Use (please read carefully):
For all Andrea by Sadek, fine Japanese porcelain tabletop products hand washing is recommended. These items are not guaranteed to be dishwasher safe.
Hand washing is recommended.

Andrea by Sadek pieces usually feature a gold colored border, these borders are painted with a special non-metallic gold paint. While they say they are safe for microwave use, it is not advised.

Most other porcelain and ceramic serveware including many Andrea by Sadek products should NOT be used in regular ovens. The porcelain and ceramics are always somewhat porous and if not specifically designed for oven use they may crack when exposed to rapid changes in temperature. Also many ceramic pieces use glazes which may craze when exposed to rapid changes in temperature
Friday, January 27th, 2006
12:47 pm
I have too much tea.

I never thought that would be possible ;) But it's gotten to that point. And therefore, I'd like to offer a bunch of it for sale here to slim out our selection and let someone else enjoy the teas we don't drink. I'd prefer to have it all go to one person since shipping would be easier, but I'm definatly willing to send it to multiple buyers. At this point I don't take paypal (too much issues with ebay) so I'd need either a check or money order. After receiving payment, tea would go out :) Also, I list prices but may be willing to haggle some. All tea is loose. It'd be much easier for me to ship to US only, so I'm going to not accept international buyers, but am open to considering it.

Ok the list--some of it I don't know *exactly* how much it weighs because I do not have a way to weigh it, so some of these are estimates and I am lowballing it for the ones I don't know the exact weight:

2 oz 3 oz approx. of (unknown brand) Ceylon (black, comes in ziploc bag): 4.00
1.5? oz approx. of (unknown brand, comes in ziploc bag) oolong: 2.00
3 or 4 oz of Red Tea brand Assam (black, comes in ziploc bag): 4.50
1.4 oz Tazo "Calm" (loose herbal, opened but never drank, comes in the Tazo tin can with its own strainer): 4.00
2 oz Tea Source Sencha (green, opened but never drank, comes in airtight bag): 5.00
2oz Stash tea Osmathus (black, never opened, sealed still): 4.00
1oz, maybe more of Tea Source Apricot(black, comes in airtight bag): 3.00
Nearly all/close to 3.5 oz of Stash Mango (black, comes in airtight bag): 5.00
Small packet--maybe 1 oz? of a tea from Germany--(looks black, with lychee and mango and some other flavors that I can't understand since it's in German): 1.50

*I'm not exactly sure how much shipping will cost, especially since there are a few tins, but we can negotiate that separately.

E-mail me at radiojedi@livejournal.com, let me know what you want--preference will go to someone who will take it all, but if I get several responses from folks who only want part, then I'll do a first-come, first-serve.


Happy drinking!
Monday, January 9th, 2006
3:20 pm
$5 coupon for Adagio teas!
I just placed an order with Adagio Tea, and they're letting me send $5 gift certificates to anyone who hasn't ordered from them before. If you're interested, leave a comment with your email - I'll screen them, so they don't get picked up by spambots. ^_^ Cheers!

(x-posted a few places to share the love)
Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
12:50 pm
Ingredients for tisanes
Hi there. I'm new to this site, and I have a question that I hope someone might be able to help me with.
I drink a lot of herbal and fruit teas, and I'd like to start creating my own combinations rather than just buying teabags, but I have no idea where I could buy the dried herbs, fruit and flowers that I'd use - things like elderflowers, peppermint, dried apple, etc. Obviously you can get small jars of cooking herbs & spices in supermarkets, but does anyone know what kind of place would sell stuff like this in larger quantities, or has things like elderflowers? I live in Sheffield, England, if that's any help. Thank you!
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
10:47 am
Tea for tumors

Research shows one kind of tea can be up to 100 times more potent at blocking growth of cancer cells than another. While all tea (green, oolong or black) contains antioxidant compounds called catechins that protect against cancer (especially of the lung, breast, colon, stomach and skin) by neutralizing free radicals, green tea contains about 7 times more catechins than black tea. Green tea also has unique catechins that block an enzyme involved in breast, prostate and colon cancers. Green tea is 10 to 100 times stronger than black tea in blocking the growth of cancer cells. Catechins also prevent heart disease and stroke, primarily by defending against the harmful effects of artery-clogging LDL cholesterol.

~ Miavata Food Facts, 30 Nov. 2005
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
11:28 pm
Has anyone gotten tea from the below site?
I'm specificly interested in the Ice Wine Tea. Has anyone had that?
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
9:12 pm
An odd question regarding yerba mate
So I've got a friend who recommended I try yerba mate as a change from coffee or tea. from what I've read of it it offers a "gentler boost of caffiene than coffee." So I bought some, and I tried it, and one hour after I drink a cup I've got a rapid heart rate. It's a little creepy. I haven't had that experience since college when I made the mistake of drinking coffee or smoking a cigarette after taking a No-Doz. Has anyone else had this experience with yerba mate?

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
10:07 pm
Adagio Tea Gift Certificates
I bought some tea from adagio today and I have gift certificates for Adagio Tea for 5.00. If anyone wants one, please let me know so I can send one to your email! (put your email in the comment)

You can get a really neat sampler set for not very much money and the 5.00 off makes it even cheaper :)
Monday, August 1st, 2005
11:47 am
Hi, everyone, I own a tea house at Wichita Kansas, it's called Chelmsford Tea. I'm a crazy tea lover, so open the tea house is kinda like an excuse for me the collect teas. and you know what? now, I have the widest tea selection in the midwest!!! I'm really pround of myself, when I think about that. :D heehee, well, I recently opened a ebay online store, to sell teas, It's called Darlene's Tea Port, basicly, it's an online store the directly connected to my tea house, which means, any kind tea, you name it, I have it. ^_____^ The reason I open the ebay store is that many of my costumers told me that it would be very nice to be able to just get the teas you want online, and wait for it to arrive at home. XD Heehee

well, I wish you guys would go check it out, and wish you like it, if there s any question that you want to ask, or any tea that you are looking for, but i don't have it in the ebay store, or any suggestion, feel free to leave a command in this entry, and I will do my best. ^______^

sorry, if I spamed the community, i just thought that we all love tea, and you might want to know a good place to get the tea you want easily. I really don't mean to spam or anything.

Thank you for your time ^__^

the store address:

Sunday, May 1st, 2005
5:23 pm
Tea and Me
so. . .i reckon that on some occasions some one has to read an entry written in this community. . . so. . i want to take a second and explain my method of making my own tea. . .YAY!!

*a long flower bed that you can split up into thirds . . .you can have more than one flower bed btw!!
*seeds from different tea making plants. . . just read what leaves and spices are in your favorite tea and go find those seeds!!
*soil . . . this is the hard part. . .you have to research on what type of soil or what acidic value the soil has to be at for the certain type of leaf you grow . . one of my fav's the senchu fukamushi needs soil to remain damp for the most part of the day while spices like cinammon can be grown in dry dirt. . lol! so do your homework
*space . . . some plants need shaded areas or some need full sun . . homework involved
* natural nutrients and/or growth formula . . . for a smooth more natural taste. . stick to natural made nutrients . . keep away from scotts miracle grow or w/e that contains chemicals that enhance the beauty and size of your plant. . you want to go for quality. . not quantity
*water . . duh
*time and patience

first . . . setup up what plants you want grown together. . .you want to keep the ones that need shade together and the same for those that need full sun. . . . i found that chicken wire with small holes works best to seperate the different soils but still lets water and nutrients flow freely amung the plants . . . setup you long bed into thirds or split in half or w/e tickle's your pickle. . .remember. . too much nutrients/ acidic variation in one bed leads to unhealthy plants. . .
after you seperate you bed. . pour in the soil(s) make sure you pack it down just a bit but not too much so that the roots can get air but still be firm in the soil . .. i always found it best to water your bed and pour nutrient into it atleast a day before you plant seeds or little seedlings. . . (it's just the way i was taught from my grandma in el salvador. . .you dont hafta if you dont wanna!)
next. . carefully plant your seeds or seedling close to the top of the soil . .not too deep or you'll suffocate your plants . . . uh . . . the rest is up to you . . water your seeds . . keep them on a routine. . .like a child. . .i like to water during the morning hours. . but not too early cause you bring in mildew or bugs or you'll drown you plants. . . not in the afternoon when the sun is full because the water will evaporate too fast and you'll plants will starve. . usually water them an hour after daybreak and sometime after three-ish when the sun is turning red and preparing for dusk. . .

other than that you should be good to go. . just maintian and enjoy the beauty and the smells of your new tea garden. . .eventually you're going to want to try trimming bottom leaves to help you plant grow up tall and strong . . . or i like to "shrub" my plants. . . when the get a good stalk so that they're sturdy. . i cut the top part of it and put elmer's glue on the top so that the leaves of my plants grow wider and "shrub" out to make it looki like a bush instead of a tall skinny plant. . .or. . if you want tall plants. . .trim the bottom stems and put glue on those to force it upwards. . but dont force it too hard too often or it'll be to skinny and week and fall over itself :( . .lol . . have fun with it. .

eventaully you're plants will mature. . this is when you want to trim the leaves or dig out the spices that are ready to be dried or made into tea. . . i like to take the mature leaves of my plants and set them on a papertowel thats been lightly saoked in mineral/distilled water. . .i set them on my counter for a day in partial sun. . it's not only pretty. . but very aromatic. . .then. . .when the towel is dried. . i pin them upside down in partial sun till it gets dry. . .as for spices or roots or bulbsi like to take a knife and cut slits into them and place the bulbs/roots into a small tupper ware container in partial sun. . .let them dry. . (you'll notice the cuts become prunie looking and fold back) . . then i chop them all the way through to finish drying them. . . let them dry for a few more day or until you deem fit. . remember. . i dont expect everyone to use the method. . it's a live and learn type of thing. . .you have to find you rhythem. . .

anyways. . after your ingrediants dry then . .TADA!!! . .its tea time. . .

so. . .different tea is made well. . .differently!! . . go online or research on how to blend the type of tee you want. . i stick to the good ol' tea bag in to hot water or in the tea kettle. . . . .you can place you leaves in little tea filters you can buy at some stores. . but i find that coffee filters work nicely also. . . . place however much of your mix. . .remember. . more of something gives it a certain taste. . .more stems give it a rough wood taste or more ginger roots give it a kick. . too much cinammon can be spicy. . .live and learn. . .experimenting is the fun part!! . . . find your blend and place in a filter. . .then tie your filter with a thick piece of string like they do in tea bags you get from the store (we're pour in el salvador. . we did with what we could. . lol) and place into your tea kettle. . or into your hot cup of water. . .let it settle until you water turns into a decent color. . .i enjoy green tea with my own spice. . os i wait till it turns into a dark yellowish color. . or sometimes golden hunny brown. . lol . . . then. . .taste. . i have always put a bit of sugar and a small amount of milk in my tea. . so. . i add a teaspoon of sugar and just enough milk to fill the rest of the mug or cup or w/e. . . once again . . live and learn. . .try until you like it,. . . trust me. . i didnt get it my first time. . all i got was a sour tasting cup of dirty water. . lol. . . w/ milk. . .HAHAH!
then i add more cinammon. . or take away some w/e. . .you know. . .try measuring out proportions. . or go online and research. . lol. . practice makes perfect and sooner or later. . .TADAT!!. . your very own tea. . .give little baggies to friends for gifts or throw a tea party. . .make some crumpets or serve with cruellers. . .lol . .

i hope everyone atleast makes and attempt to try making their own tea alteast once. . .but for those of us in search of perfection. . i'm sure you'll have fun spending time making tea for those you love. . haha. . enjoy fellow tea lovers!!

MACHADO!! xoxo

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