Sorceress Jade (sorceress_jade) wrote in thetearoom,
Sorceress Jade

train/harmonica whistle tea kettle

We have a teakettle of the very plain silver variety, the type with the little red button you depress to open the spout. The spout being the only way to get water in, you know the type.

Well, our spring has run the course of it's life and no longer holds the lid down securely. Thus the whistle no longer works properly.

The problem with this for us is that the whistle is a harmonica sound. And as I have found in my searches for a replacement, that is rare. I looked at other kettles of similar design and I cannot attach our whistle to them. I've searched for other harmonica whistle (or train whistle) teapots and they're all rather expensive and I don't like the designs.

Any direction or information you lovely tea-folk can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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